Why Choose IH2O Cooler With Reverse Osmosis

A Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System for the office, business, industry and even your home.
It is our pleasure to introduce you to our water distributor that can be installed in an office, an industry or even your home. With an electronic control to distribute cold and hot water 24 hours per day, this is the logical and natural choice for all.

Cosmetically engineered and designed suitable for displaying anywhere

Child resistant lever for hot water tap

Fully automated leak sensor

Hot water tank capacity of up to 2 litters and a cold water tank capacity of 3.5 liters.

Additional features include the ability to convert hot water at room temperature.

Sufficient inner space for an additional storage tank which increases the total volume of the water reservoir tank to 13.5 liters.

Cooler With Reverse Osmosis Benefits

Unit production per day: 75 to 100 GPD

Dimensions of the cabinet: D35 cm x W33 cm x H105 cm