Soft Water Benefits You and Your Family

With a IH2O water system, soft water is just the start. You’ll also enjoy spot-free dishes, brighter laundry, smoother hair and skin and longer-lasting appliances.

Soft Water Benefits You and Your Family

Water Softners

The Platinum Twin Tank Water Conditioner

Delivers High-Efficiency Performance for the Lowest Salt & Water Usage Ever!
– IAPMO Tested & Certified to NSF/ANSI 44 for effective reduction of hardness as verified and substantiated by test data
– Certified Control Valve & Pressure Tank
– Extremely High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin
– User-friendly backlit LCD display with “No Touch” information display provides key info like date of last regeneration and volume of conditioned water remaining
– Heavy duty brine tank made from high density polyethylene. Includes brine safety valve for added assurance
– Includes Bypass valve

EAC Carbon Filter

Eliminates Chlorine and Other Bad Taste and Odours.
– Economical whole-house carbon filtration solution for reducing chlorine.
– Co-current flow protects media bed from packing ensuring better flow rates.
– Low maintenance system. No electricity required.
– Includes factory installed one-piece bypass
– Time saving quick connect fittings (90° ¾” NPT Elbows and 3/4” Straight NPT)

High Performance Drinking Water System

– Home and Office Water Solution

– Virtually unlimited quality water

– Great tasting, low cost water

– Compact and easy filter change

– 5 Stage filtration

Innovative twist and lock design makes service simple. Twist off the old cartridge and twist on the new. No messy sump removal. The Natural Purity High Performance Drinking Water System makes drinking water better and life easier.