Clients Reviews

See what our clients have to say about us

Clients Reviews

See what our clients have to say about us

"Great customer service. Brady made sure that since the educational session till system is up & running, everything goes smooth. Highly recommend Brady."

Dhaval Patel

"I have been satisfied so fine
You did great."


"We like the water it's not hard."


Vivian Balong

"Brady is amazing guy !!! He was like a friend coming in our house, recommended good quality, we happy we had chance to meet him!! Thank you!"



"Water system is great. Very noticeable difference.

Allen Gifford

"We had an amazing experience with Brady. He came over and demonstrated our hard water versus a filtered water system while having excellent manners and attitude. My fiancée and I love our water softener system. We both enjoy drinking water, as well as bathing or washing our hands with clean water, and would recommend it to anyone that is interested.


Michael Skrenek

"Brady was amazing and can't stress enough the difficulty it must be for door to door water sales. I was skeptical at first and after Brady answered all my questions, displayed the water levels and stats and researching the company I felt confident to setup the water softener and reverse osmosis for the kitchen. Brady was very personal and relatable that made the decision making way easier and I felt valued. The price point was a bit concerning vs what you can see in the market. After seeing the product and technology I have to say everything that was promised was delivered. He deserves a raise. If you ever want a fun, educational experience learning about water and how important it is to our health and body please ask Brady for assistance. The techs who came to install everything were quick and professional. All the best.
I think you did an amazing job."


"We weren't expecting to get a water softening and reverse osmosis package when we first met Brady and he shared his demo with us, letting us know how hard it water was.

We found him to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about his job.

He was also very easy to get along with was very kind, and funny.

It was s pleasure to have him at our house and he was able to show us why it was so important to have the system in our house that we ended up buying.

The install team got to our house fast, installed the system quickly, and helped me understand how to work the system.

I would recommend Brady and IH2O to anyone who has hard water and in need of a solution.
Brady did an amazing job at being personable and professional. Fantastic sales person."

Jason Matthews

"What a difference this system makes in our household! Water tastes way better with our RO setup, skin feels better with the cleaner water flowing and the bills have decreased a bit too. Brady was exemplary in his approach and demonstrations and you can feel his passion for the product. Thanks guys, for working hard as a team to make sure we’re happy and taken care of. Will always highly recommend your services!"

James Cummings

"Since installing the water softener, dechlorinator and the 5 stage water filtration system, we have noticed the change in our appliances looking spotless after use with no deposits, skin care health has improved, my daughters itching has stopped, I don’t need much soap to wash a ton of dishes, and I’m pretty sure the home water boiler too will be very happy and there was a noticeable decrease in our energy bill as hard water takes longer to boil. This was definitely worth it."


Babatunde Akande