Reverse Water Osmosis QC505V-50:

The Reverse Water Osmosis QC505V-50 system is one of the best water filter systems for the complete disinfection of hard water and converting it into safe and pure drinking water. The revolutionary twist and lock mechanism simplifies service. Remove the old cartridge and replace it. There will be no messy sump removal. The Reverse Water Osmosis QCRO5V-50 improves drinking water and simplifies living.

Why Reverse Water Osmosis System?

Our reverse water osmosis system is designed to fulfil your most stringent standards in practically every water application while also providing you with access to both the most recent breakthroughs and the broadest range of proven technology. 


Our premium array of water filter systems is built to last with quality parts and components and is designed to meet high standards. Our reverse water osmosis filter passes through a stringent inspection process by CWQA to assure client satisfaction. We offer the best warranty in the market, with a lifetime warranty on many of our parts and components, and we service what we sell, so you can be confident that we are looking out for your best interests as a customer. 

A wonderful home and office water solution that produces a pure taste, low-cost water in a small, easy to change 5 Stage filtering system. Water is purified at the molecular level by the reverse osmosis method. Purification by a reverse osmosis water system is a significant improvement over traditional filters. You can be confident that all contaminants, including excess dissolved salts, have been eliminated.

Reverse Water Osmosis System- Eliminates through 5 stages of filtration

  1. Sediment filter: removes sediments and particles as small as 5 microns.
  2. Carbon filters: flavour and odour reduce substances that make water taste and smell bad, such as chlorine flavour and odour.
  3. 1-micron fine filter: minimizes fine particles as well as chlorine taste and odour.
  4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: lowers the concentration of dissolved chemicals. (A 50-gallon-per-day membrane is normal, with 75 or 100-gallon-per-day membrane options.)
  5. Polishing the filter: this improves the flavour of filtered water.

What is the treatment of the Reverse Water Osmosis Filter System?

  1. Pure water molecules are separated from the hard water by squeezing regular tap water (using the home’s water pressure), against a specific membrane. Another surprising element is that these separated pollutants from hard water are automatically flushed down the drain, leaving the fresh and pure water molecules for other purposes. 


    This amazing Reverse Osmosis Water Technology has been integrated with additional high-quality components to make a small water device, that fits nicely under the kitchen sink. 

    It gives a plentiful supply of authentic bottled quality water without the bottles through its appealing spout. We can also connect the filter system to your icemaker and refrigerator water dispenser! Filtered water with a great taste provides:


    • Improved coffee
    • Tea, and juice flavours Soups
    • Sauces and pasta with more taste
    • Clearer ice cubes
    • Peace of mind


    We at iH2O, not only provide healthy drinking water, but we also provide you and your loved ones with a healthy and safe environment that is free from contaminated, dirty water, so you and your loved ones can grow healthy and stay safe. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to call us at (587) 897-7348.